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Management practices of Russian companies. Vol. 1

Cases from the collection of the hse graduate school of business

Edited by Sergey Kushch, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Deputy Dean, HSE Graduate School of Business

Authors: P. Artamoshina, A. Vinogradov, M. Gorgisheli, T. Grishchenko, Y. Zelenkov, A. Ivanova, E. Ivanova, O. Isaeva, A. Lebedev, A. Likhachev, N. Milovantseva, O. Mondrus, A. Osipova, O. Osipova, E. Panteleeva, V. Rebiazina, A. Rozhkov, V. Silchev, A. Stepanov, A. Sterligova

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  • Год издания2022
  • Вид изданияУчебное
  • Количество страниц120
  • ISBN978-5-7598-2688-0
  • ISBN электронной версии978-5-7598-2485-5
  • Размеры205x180x10 мм
  • Вес237 г

О книге

This collection of compact cases on management practices in Russian companies was produced by professors of HSE Graduate School of Business and other units of HSE University and resulted from a joint project between HSE GSB and The Case Centre, the one of the top case clearing houses globally. The cases in this volume reflect on a wide range of the current issues in business management, such as Strategic Management, Business Innovation, Supply Chain Management, Brand Management, ESG and Business Ethics, Talent Management, Entrepreneurship, as well as doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This case collection is recommended for students, participants and faculty of various programs in management — from Bachelor and Master to MBA and Executive Education.

Recommended for publication by the Academic Council of the Graduate School of Business, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

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